“In the mountains, there is everything I love...”



Holy peace




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About us

Love for tradition and passion

Zagroda Magija is a place that was created out of love for the traditions of the region and wooden architecture. Surrounded by forests and meadows, it exudes tranquility, allowing you to take a deep breath and relax. The Homestead also offers creative gatherings and integration during evening activities, which we propose to our guests.

You will live in a wooden cottage.
You will relax in the embrace of nature
You will eat well and deliciously
You will try your hand at workshops
You will relax in a Russian banya
You can bring your pet with you
Break from
the television

Crafts and activities

Culture, nature, and rustic charm

We offer our residents the opportunity to participate in handicraft workshops and unique gatherings. Pottery, tasting of homemade liqueurs, Russian banya, glass painting, baking in a traditional oventhese are just a few of them. We want our guests’ stay to be filled with creative activities that relax, provide respite, and at the same time, teach while reaching back to the roots. Therefore, we will provide activities based on the culture, tradition, and nature of our Carpathian region.


Home cooking

From a love of cooking

An integral part of every culture is its cuisine, which is why you will eat well, regionally, and to your heart’s content with us. We believe that when traveling to distant regions, one should try the local flavors and dishes. In this way, the senses remember and associate with the places. After your stay at the Homestead, the Bieszczady region will always be associated with dishes such as knysze, kisielica, fuczki, proziaki, or hreczanki.

The traditional cuisine of the Podkarpackie region consists of simple and hearty dishes, mainly based on local products. As part of your stay, we serve breakfasts and dinners.


The most important to us

These are your opinions.

    A beautiful place, charming, quiet, and peaceful. The original old wooden cottages, adapted to modern conditions, create an extraordinary atmosphere. The homestead is located in such a way that it was a convenient base for our daily excursions. The owners were very kind, the regional cuisine was delicious, and the interesting workshops made our vacation a success. Thank you and see you again 🙂


    Wonderful, atmospheric houses with fireplaces, delicious homemade cuisine – breakfasts filled with regional products (local cheeses, preserves, fruit compotes, eggs straight from the henhouse).


    A very atmospheric place. Silence, peace, nature, magic! 🙂 Thanks to the slideshows, storytelling by the bonfire, and craft workshops organized at the Homestead, you can learn about the history and culture of the region. In addition to that, delicious food, super comfortable beds, and incredibly friendly and dedicated hosts. We left almost as if leaving family 😉 We will definitely be back! 🙂


    A beautiful place, a very friendly host, delicious meals, and a well-functioning sauna with the possibility of dipping in the pond. I recommend coming here in winter, as the snow adds charm. Nevertheless, it’s tempting to return here in summer as well.



Orelec 6a, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne

Solina – 11 min
Ustrzyki Dolne – 24 min
Sanok – 29 min
Wetlina – 75 min

Krakow – 240 km
Warsaw – 427 km
Wroclaw – 510 km
Gdansk – 765 km