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Facility Regulations

These regulations define the rules for making reservations, staying and operating the Zagroda Magija agritourism farm, owned by Dorian Turek, conducting business activity under the name: Blue B Dorian Turek (address of the permanent place of business: ul. Orelec 6a, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne), entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, with NIP: 9492077578, REGON number: 381398830.

Contact with the owner is possible via:
e-mail – at: bieszczady@zagrodamagija.pl;
traditional mail – at the address: ul. Orelec 6a, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne;
by phone – at the number: +48 698 596 784

1. Making a reservation at Zagroda Magija is tantamount to accepting these regulations.

2. The condition for making an initial reservation is to provide the name and surname of the ordering person, date of stay and telephone number for contact.

3. The final confirmation of the reservation by Zagroda Magija takes place after the advance payment of 30% of the entire stay. For traditional transfers, the payment should be credited within 2 working days from the moment of making the initial reservation or 12 hours for the online reservation system. Unless otherwise agreed, it may be canceled after this time without consulting the person making the initial reservation.

4. The paid deposit is non-refundable. We kindly ask you to make well-considered decisions regarding the date of booking. In the event of shortening or not using the ordered stay, Guests are not entitled to a refund or reduction of the price of the service for the unused period.

5. The hotel day in Zagroda Magija lasts from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 11:00 on the last day of your stay.

6. During holidays and long weekends, the Owner reserves the right to determine the minimum length of stay.

7. Some handicraft workshops and farm activities take place seasonally (e.g. pottery only in the summer season). Participation in workshops and attractions is free of charge and using them is voluntary. The workshop schedule is prepared by the owner of Zagroda Magia a week in advance.

8. The amount due for the entire stay (reduced by the deposit paid) is settled at the latest on the second day after arrival. In the case of shortening the stay, there is no refund for unused days – please make your reservations carefully.

9. Possible forms of payment: cash, traditional and online transfer, BLIK.

10. We issue a VAT invoice on request. In order to receive a VAT invoice for the full amount of the stay – including the down payment, the NIP number of the entity to which the invoice is to be issued must be provided at the booking stage.

11. At the Guests’ request, it is possible to issue a personal bill, but this fact should be reported at the booking stage.

12. The owner of Zagroda Magija is not responsible for the content, price list and photos published on the web by portals, companies and intermediaries with whom Zagroda Magija has not concluded any contracts.
Get to know the current information by phone +48698596784, by e-mail bieszczady@zagrodamagija.pl or on the website www.zagrodamagija.pl.

13. Guests are financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices of Zagroda Magija, caused by his fault or the fault of guests visiting him.

14. Persons who are not our guests may stay on the premises after informing the owners of the facility in advance.

15. Guests are required to notify the owner or staff of any damage immediately upon discovery.

16. During their stay in Zagroda Magija, the owner and the staff are not staying in the rooms rented by them without the consent of the guests.

17. The behavior of guests and people using the services of the facility should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. Quiet time in the huts lasts between 23.00 and 7.00.

18. The owner is not responsible for unattended children on the premises.

19. Underage children may participate in farm activities and workshops only under the care of their parents or guardians.

20. People arriving with pets should report this fact in advance. Unattended animals should stay only in the landlord’s room. The stay of animals outside the huts only under the care of the owner. In the interests of the comfort of all guests, we ask that pets not stay in common areas of the huts, e.g. dining room. The owner of the animal bears all financial and civil liability for it.

21. Guests are obliged to comply with the general safety rules, especially do not use open fire in the huts and their vicinity, use your own heaters, heaters, heating blowers).

22. Parking in Zagroda Magija is free and unguarded. The owner is not responsible for the left car and the items inside.

23. The guest has the right to submit a complaint related to the implementation of the ordered service not in accordance with the offer, terms and conditions set out in the Regulations. All complaints containing the Guest’s data, i.e. name and surname, along with an e-mail address and a brief description of the reservations, should be submitted via the contact address available on the main page of the website in the “Contact” tab or in writing to the address of the Owner. The deadline for considering the complaint is 14 days, starting from the date of its delivery.